Sun City Summerlin


Member Directiory

As new members join the club they will be added to our directory.  Periodically this member directory is updated and distributed by email in PDF format to members only.   The directory includes only members names and email addresses;   no street addresses or phone numbers will be published.   The directory is for the convenience of our members in contacting each other on an individual-to-individual basis.  The member directory is not to be used for advertising, promotion of business, political or personal issues and/or events of any nature!  Violation of this proviso will be dealt with appropriately.

Solicitation of any type, whether by members or non-members, is prohibited!


The Boomer Connection is a Sun City Summerlin Community Assoc. Inc. chartered club Since the Boomer Connection is a social club, contact information is essential for a functional club. Information on the Boomer Connection website is intended for the use and convenience of current active Boomer Connection Members, and prospective members only. However, please know when you place a contributor article in the newsletter, you must assume that any contact Information in the article, is in the public domain at that point.

Boomer Frame of Mind