Sun City Summerlin


Answers to the most frequently asked questions …

What kind of Club is this?

We are a social club made up of several types of groups and events.  Events can include a broad range of activities from sporting events and social parties to card games or book clubs.  Unlike traditional clubs, we are not limited to one kind of event or special interest but include a variety of events in our monthly calendar.  The members choose the events in which they wish to take part, based upon the changing interests of the members. The members themselves determine the events they will attend of those offered.

Because the purpose of these groups is split between general social interaction and taking part in the events themselves, both single and married people can take part.

Membership is limited to Sun City Summerlin Residents.

Do you have customer service?

We have events! All officers, chairpersons and team members are retired volunteers and members of our club. If you see something that is not as you think it should be, please volunteer to make it better.

What type of Events?

Book club, multiple types of game days, bowling, multiple dine-out groups, happy hours, wine connoisseurs’ nights, BYOB nights, newcomer mixers, and more… click Events in the Menu for this month’s specific events.

How do I see all of the Events?

Click on Events in the menu at the top of the page, then scroll down to the event you are interested in.

How do I RSVP for an Event?

First, you must be a Member & be Logged In to RSVP – click Events in the Menu – scroll to find the Event summary – click Find out more – this takes you to the full Event description – look for the event organizer’s email address and then you can RSVP.

How do I cancel an RSVP if my plans change?

You must be Logged In to cancel an RSVP. Click Events in the Menu – Scroll to find the Event summary – click Find out more – this takes you to the full Event description – look for the event organizer’s email address and you can send your email RSVP email cancellation.

How do I become a member?

Not a Member of our Club? You will not be able to Register – please click on Membership in the menu.

Do I need to be a Resident to become a Member?

Yes, you will need your Sun City Home Owner Association number to become a Member.

Will my address & phone number be on the website?

No. The Member Directory will be distributed only to members via email with an attached PDF File.

Is our website protected from crashing or non-functioning?

Our live website is now backed-up daily, by two separate pieces of packaged software, at two separate Cloud Storage Locations on the Internet. While there is no guarantee this will prevent problems, we trust having two extra copies of our website will help protect us in case of problems.

Additionally, we have a totally separate staging website where we do package software revision updates first in an effort to prevent software incompatibility problems.

What about website security?

We are continuously and automatically running multiple and different packaged security routines to look for evidence of Hacking or Malware infiltration. Additionally, we are doing our best to stay abreast of new security software and technologies in the ever-expanding online world of malicious software.

Is our website state of the art from a technology standpoint?

It’s getting there. If you are interested in the underlying software and technology, talk to our webmaster.