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President’s Message

October, to me, seemed to be very short. Perhaps because I was out of town for almost half the month? Lots of fun events I missed but was able to make the last week’s activities — check out the pictures below.

In other news, our small but prolific, skillful, and talented group of knitters is ready to deliver their treasures to various hospitals, nursing homes, and charitable agencies. If you have any yarn you would like to donate to Busy Hands for Charity, contact Angela Zecca at 805-660-8740 and she’ll be glad to make arrangements for pick up or delivery

October Picnic

Frank & Sharon Davis

Michael Eakman

A huge THANK YOU to
realtors Frank & Sharon Davis
and Financial Advisor Michael Eakman
for sponsoring a portion of our Fall Picnic!
We appreciate your generosity and are glad you could be part of the fun.
we enjoyed an amazing BBQ lunch from Famous Dave’s and
Joe Buonano, our very own local vocalist, kept us entertained with his special brand of music.

Halloween Parties

Bob & Sarah Freeman hosted an amusing gathering of guys and gals who ‘tripped the light fantastic’ at their Hip Hop Dance Halloween Party on Friday, the 25th.
Halloween night, Sandy & Dave Gray held a great party full of fun people wearing the best costume — see the pictures below and pick your favorite character!

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