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Sofia Castille
Roz Nakahama
Vice President

Myrna Weidenfeld

Sue Strom

President’s Message

The Boomer Connection Social Club is, well, a social organization.  Each of us have our own reasons for joining – but I believe we all want an approachable way to meet our neighbors, start a conversation, and cultivate friendships in Sun City.  As of today, we have 390 members and growing every week.

Though I believe we are one of the largest clubs in Sun City, my goal is to make the Boomer Connection Social Club the biggest and the best.  Not just with more members, but with more involved, engaged, motivated members who will be the ones to lead us into new adventures!  Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to enjoy yourselves; not only by attending the various events and activities, but by making sure new members are welcomed into our various groups and offering them friendship and fun. If you see someone walk into any of our events and hesitate, invite them to sit and become part of the conversation.  If you’re enthusiastic about an activity or event, make sure this club knows about it and knows how to get involved.  If you see a need in our club, send me an email or give me a call so we can talk about it.

We all want an organization that’s strong, that’s active and engaging, but we need more willing hands, more fun-loving hearts, and more bright minds to move our club forward.  I know those hands, hearts, and minds won’t magically appear.  So I’m speaking to you:  “I think you have the talent, the self-confidence, and the sunny disposition to make our club more entertaining and enjoyable, and I want you to join us in doing that.”

I’m inviting you to take your valuable time and give it to our Social Club (at any level you wish) for these events:  August’s Sock Hop Social, September’s Quarterly Membership Meeting, October’s Picnic & Games, and December’s Yuletide Festivities.  Email or call me for specific details — or 281.300.4537

Here is to busyness in all it’s manifestations!

I hope each of you is enjoying your summer and I’ll see you at the Sock Hop Social ~ Sofia 

Game Night!

Photo-bombing at Game Night 😀


Angela Zecca’s group “Hands for Charity” is busy preparing for cold weather! Donna Stevens and Shirley Laudenschlager created almost half of these beautiful caps. Angela herself has created 58 items, including the blankets folded beneath the table. If you want to participate in this project, call Angela at 805-660-8740 or email

June 2019 2nd Quarterly Meeting

Dr. Spencer Baker

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Call or Email Roz Nakahama to learn more about participating in our activities.
Call or Email Sofia Castille to learn more about becoming a member, or if you’re ready to join, click on Membership

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